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We talked with german band Rose for Helena about their future projects and their experience with Confliktarts

1- Can you present your band and your style of music?

Rose for Helena has its roots in early August 2015. David (vocals), Robin (at first bass, later guitar), Markus (guitar) and Branislav (drums) then came together as a band for the first time in their new rehearsal room in Trebur-Geinsheim. However, four more years passed until the current constellation came into being. The band name, on the other hand, was found after only a few weeks of intense discussion: Rose for Helena, inspired by the song “Helena” by the US band “My Chemical Romance”, gained acceptance by all the members. After some personal restructuring, Lukas (vocals and guitar), Robin (guitar) , Dominik (drums) und Helena (bass) also established the meanwhile already known sound of the band. Ever since, RfH stands for emotional alternative rock, often with a melancholic, dark touch. The debut album by the four musicians from the Rhine/Main area has the title ‘THORN’ and was released May 29th, 2020.

2- Why did you decide to make your CDs jewelbox with us?

We became aware of Confliktarts through our distributor Tunecore. After a while of comparing different offers we chose you as our manufacturer due to the very attractive pricing for lower quantities.

3- Would you recommend to other bands?

We would recommend Confliktarts to bands just like us searching for a manufacturer with attractive pricing conditions at lower order quantities. We are happy that we found such an option in Confliktarts for the physical production of our debut full-length album.

4- What are your plans for the future?

With our debut full-length album we covered the musical inspirations of our early years as a band. Now we are currently working on new music which will have some new facets to it so our fans can look forward to a somewhat new era of Rose for Helena. At this point in time we don't want to reveal too much just yet but we are excited and can't wait to share the new sound with our fan base!

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