How to make some cool artwork? / with Throne

We know that sometimes is hard to find an artwork that represent your music.

That's why we talked with UK multimedia artist George Liam Flett aka Throne to know more about it.

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm George Liam Flett, a multimedia artist from the Peak District in England. I've been focusing on illustration and fine-art for over 3 years now creating a project called 'Throne'

What is your inspiration to make your illustrations?

My work is inspired by themes of Dark Fantasy, Cosmic horror. The natural world and neopaganism I use these to create work bespoke art pieces for various outfits. I've worked on a number of projects for music merchandising, T-shirts, Record sleeves and tour posters and more recently I've completed a number of private commissions as well.

What techniques you use?

It can vary, often it's pen and ink however more recently I've been working with water colors and gouache though I'm still new to color and that's
 an art form unto itself. I will also often scan in my work and color digitally preparing the pieces for the final templates as needed. 

What advice you can give to someone that want to start doing artwork?

I guess I'm still starting myself ha, but I started by focusing on my subject matter, find something that inspires you and combine elements to create something unique your style will come later and will perhaps develop around the themes and styles. There's plenty of groups, forums and YouTube tutorials regarding improving skills but I think to begin with just draw and paint what comes to mind, be inspired I guess.

What is the main challenge to create an artwork for a band/producer?

I think the hard part is trying to find something that's going to fit the expectations of the client, though I'm fortunate enough that I have enough in my portfolio now I can ask them to pick out bits they like, which will - in time create a feedback loop of work I'm good at, and I enjoy to make. This makes it easier, Also I work for record labels and have to create something that appeases both the artist and the label which can be tricky to get a good balance where everyone is happy. But equally I have great clients so there's normally a lot of free rein to go with an idea regardless how brave it might be.

What are the bands you already work with?

To date I've worked with bands such as: Burial and Wolfbastard from the UK Worgor from Australia and Vomit The Hate from Tunisia, I've produced work for Barry of the Blackwoods who runs Fellfoot Woods and I've produced screen-print posters for Woodland Gathering Events.The labels I've worked with are Slugwife, Motormouth, Sonic Terror, Decay and Bear Bites Horse Studios, Producers I've worked for are Reso, Blockdata, Oniriech and Enduser. Though I'm sure there's more I've forgotten.

If a band/producer is interested in work with you, what is the best way to contact you?

Always looking for new projects, I have a lot of fun working specifically for clients as it's a great way to get my art out there. Anyone who would be interested can fire me a message directly from my website but I also monitor my socials too so check out my work, if it fits for you, Get in touch, let's make something heavy!

Where people can check your artwork?

What do you think about confliktarts?

Confliktarts has a great community and it's blog is full of great content, The services available are certainly something I would suggest to my clients for printing of merch and music. Great work.

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