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We spoke with Grande Fox from Greece about their future projects and his experience with Confliktarts.

1. Can you present your band and your style of music ?

Grande Fox is a band that was founded in Thessaloniki in 2013 where it still maintains its headquarters. The founding members of the band are Zao Lefteris (guitarist – composer – visuals), Berzamanis Nikos (Frontman – singer – lyricist), Jim Lucas ( drummer ) and George Chaikas ( bassist ). The band has so far created 4 recordings during their six years of active presence, the LP Album “Space Nest”, the EP Album “Kulning”, the Single Album “Documento”and the LP Album “Empty Nest”. Each project is fully accompanied by visual material such as Artwork , Video Clips and Photographs that represent them.
In general, the band’s musical creation is characterized as Psychedelic Heavy Stoner Rock. Nevertheless, listeners always find a lot of evidence from other genres and this is because the band leaves open the possibility of experimentation when creating new material as long as it always has something essential to say and represent. The main emotional line of expression that leads us is the anger that is accompanied by a tendency for a constant awakening of consciousness and exploration of our inner spiritual world. Many of our songs hide messages either lyrically or visually. We are anything but minimalists. We believe in the complexity and diversity between people and we are ideologically and artistically opposed to any fascist or racist culture and ideology.

2. Why did you decide to make your CDs with us?

We started our collaboration with you with our first album "Space Nest" after a recommendation from a musician friend. After receiving it, we were very happy with the quality of the material of the product. The case, the booklet and the cd of exceptional quality as of course the vivid and faithfully imprinted colors of the artwork. Primarily these were the factors that made us trust you in combination with your professionalism and your response to us in everything we needed to implement each of our records with you.

3. Would you recommend to other bands?

Of course !
Without any hesitation we openly admit that it is worth working with confliktarts if what you are looking for is quality and reliability.

4. What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future, apart from dreams, also include goals that we have been constantly pursuing and implementing gradually over the years. Plans for optical productions and video clips on our latest album "Empty Nest" but also recording new material from 2022 onwards. Our ultimate goal, of course, is the live performances inside and outside Greece and the organization of a European tour.

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